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H1B Checklist

H-1B Visa Transfer Checklist

Following is the information needed from the Employee

Full name as in the Passport/Visa: Family Name /First Name/ Middle Name.
Date of birth.
Country of birth.
Social Security Number(if available).
A# (Alien Number if available).
Date of arrival (if already in US).
I-94 Number (if already in US).
Current non-immigrant status (if already in US).
Expiry date of current status (if already in US).
Home Country address, telephone number.
Job title for which H1B Visa is sought.
Salary Offered.
Period of actual stay in USA on H1B Visa (if already in US).Please include details such as date first started working with H1B status,date of departure from the US, date of re-entry, date of next departure from US, so on and so forth to the present time. Please give I192 approval number and H1B1 control number in each case.
Same information as in above for H4 dependents (if available).
Current address, telephone number and e-mail.

H-1B Visa Transfer Documents Checklist

Please include the following documents: (All photocopies should be clear, legible & on letter size 8.5 X 11 paper).

Resume. Please highlight IT skills and your IT knowledge + experience.
Copies of Degree/Diplomas/Certifications with transcripts; Education evaluation by US agencie/s, if available.
Copy (ies) of current Visa (s).
Copy (ies) of current and /or former H1B approvals, with I-129 petitions & LCA copy, if possible.
Copy of Passport with I-94 (if in the US).
Latest pay-stubs available (if in the US on H1B). If there is a gap, a leave letter is needed for that period.
Copy of Passport (all pages).
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